How To Roast A Turkey In A La Caja China Roasting Box

roast a turkey

Thanksgiving is near and I’m pretty sure you’re excited about your special dinner with family and friends. If your mother or wife are always prepare the dinner for you, why not surprise them by making the roast yourself? It is pretty easy to cook a turkey in a La Caja China after all. Here’s a cooking guide to help you out!

1. Get rid of the turkey’s giblets regardless if you’re stuffing it or not. Wash the fowl inside and out to make sure that it’s clean and to prevent upsetting your loved ones’ stomachs, too. If you see any excess fat or any leftover feathers, remove them. Pat it dry and get ready to flavor it up.

2.  Combine your salt and pepper and rub it inside the turkey’s cavity. To make it even more flavorful, stuff it with quartered onions, halved lemons, garlic and thyme. You can use your own choice of herbs and spices, too.

3. For basting, combine melted butter, lemon juice and lemon zest in a saucepan. Add some chopped thyme leaves, too. Once the sauce is ready, brush it on your turkey then once again sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

4. Prepare your La Caja China. Place your turkey on the rack with its breast side facing down. Pour about a gallon of water in your drip tray. You may also add some herbs, spices or even beer in it to give your roast a twist. Place the drip tray in the box and then position your rack.

5. To avoid overcooking or undercooking, connect your wired thermometer on the bird.

6. Place the ash pan and charcoal grid. Add 12 pounds of charcoal if you have roasting box model 1 or 16 pounds if you have model 2. Light them all up and after 25 minutes, they should all shine a bright orange. Spread them on the grid to cook your turkey evenly. Your timer starts now.

7. After one full hour, flip your turkey on its other side. Add another set of charcoal, 5 pounds to be exact. Once your bird’s temp reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit, consider it cooked.

8. Remove it from the roasting box; let it cool down for another 20 minutes then carve and serve!

I hope that you enjoyed my short tutorial on how to roast a turkey. Read this article if you’re wondering why the Thanksgiving turkey is the star of this coming event. And remember, to serve the best barbecue dishes, only use a La Caja China. Call them at 1-800-338-1323 or visit their website to get your roasting box now.

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